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Relax Security have been nominated as a National Distributors for the Geolux range of radar and thermal imaging products .

SA Thermal is a product brand, under Relax Security.

This exciting product range is a huge asset to anyone who needs to protect and monitor areas of typically 1 hectare or more.

To learn more about our product range give us a call on 082 653 5566 or send us an email to

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Relax Security has been operating from Gauteng for the last 9 years.

We supply only top quality security equipment and advice.

We offer

  1.  Exceptional Service
  2.  DIY installations assistance
  3.  National Dealer network
  4. Expert technical advice, design and implementation services

We are proud to be  official Geolux Distributors for South Africa.

Who is


Founded in 2007, European-based Geolux develops, designs and manufactures electronic sensors and equipment for security and traffic applications.

Their product line includes radar speed sensors, radar intrusion detectors, IP surveillance cameras and GPS fleet tracking equipment. Geolux products have been installed and are operating flawlessly in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Geolux is constantly researching, developing and innovating, with the ultimate goal to become a global leader in personal and vehicle radar technology in the forthcoming years.