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Thermal Cameras

Geolux thermal cameras enable threat detection under low-visibility environmental conditions, such as night, dust and fog.

Geolux offers two thermal camera models:

  • a lightweight, portable thermal camera with nvs 2OLED display,
  • digital IP surveillance camera, that is PoE enabled.

Geolux thermal cameras can

  • detect pedestrians up to 2 km ahead
  • vehicles up to 4.5 km ahead.


RSS-2-300S Doppler Security Radar

Security Radar system

RSS-2-300S Doppler Security Radar

  • Up to 400m Person detection range and Up to 800 M Vehicle detection Range

  •  No False Alarmstitle-tr

  • Ideal for warehouse protection, commercial perimeter security, anti-poaching protectiontitle-rad

  • Optional Wireless Connectivity



  • Detects all moving objects in range
  • Estimates the object distance
  • Operates in K-band (24.125 GHz or 24.200 GHz)
  • Pedestrian detection range up to 400 m (1300 ft)
  • Vehicle detection range up to 800 m (2600 ft)
  • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C
    (-40 °F to +185 °F)
  • Advanced signal processing algorithm reduces false alarms in all weather conditions
  • Low power consumption (< 1,35 W, typically 1 W)
  • 9 to 22 VDC input voltage range
  • IP66 aluminum casing
  • RS-232, RS-485 and CAN communication interface support
  • 2 x open collector alarm outputs
  • Optional GPRS or ZigBee module for live wireless monitoring
  • Ideal for warehouse protection, commercial perimeter security, anti-poaching protection

Geolux to Appear at Maritime & Coastal Security Africa

Press Release 15 August 2013

Geolux to Appear at Maritime & Coastal Security Africa

Geolux will appear at Maritime & Coastal Security Africa show in Cape Town, 25-27 November, to promote its security radar products

Geolux RSS-2-300S Security Radar Detector

Geolux RSS-2-300S Security Radar Detector

Aug. 15, 2013CAPE TOWN, South AfricaGeolux, a European-basedmanufacturer of radar sensors and detectors, will be exhibiting on Stand 106, at Maritime & Coastal Security Africa 2013, in Cape Town InternationalConvention Centre. At Maritime & Coastal Security, Geolux will promote its range of security and military radar sensor products, including RSS-2-300S and RSS-3-300S radars. 



The entry level Geolux RSS-2-300S surveillance radar detector is a cost-effective unit that can detect a single human at 400 meters, group of people at 500 meters, and vehicles at 800 meters distance. Advanced phyTrack algorithm analyzes detected objects in real time, and greatly reduces false alarms to enable detection of objects even through vegetation and other similar obstacles. The radar is compact, robust, and powerful. And, efficient to enable simple and reliable operations in almost any environment on the planet. The radar weights below 2 kg and can stand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C which makes it one of the best and most affordable choices for early warning, presence detection, border control, anti-poaching and other military and security applications. RSS-3-300S is a high end, radar detector utilizing FMCW radar technology. RSS-3-300S retains all similar features of RSS-2-300S, combined with the added, premium features such as precise target location and frequency-hopping algorithm to prevent radar jamming. Geolux also offers a wide variety of radar accessories, from mounting brackets and radar calibration tools to various wireless communication modules that enable connectivity for deployed radar units through 3G/4G/GPRS, Satellite Internet, Wi-Fi or long-distance RF links.

Geolux is represented by Satellite Global Network, its sole distributor for Africa and official distributor for the Middle East.

About Geolux
Founded in 2007, European Union-based Geolux develops designs and manufactures electronic sensors and equipment for security and traffic applications. Their product line includes radar speed sensors, radar intrusion detectors, IP surveillance cameras and GPS fleet tracking equipment. Geolux products have been installed and are operating flawlessly in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Geolux is constantly researching, developing and innovating, with the ultimate goal to become a global leader in personal and vehicle radar technology in the forthcoming years.