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Thermal Cameras

Geolux thermal cameras enable threat detection under low-visibility environmental conditions, such as night, dust and fog.

Geolux offers two thermal camera models:

  • a lightweight, portable thermal camera with nvs 2OLED display,
  • digital IP surveillance camera, that is PoE enabled.

Geolux thermal cameras can

  • detect pedestrians up to 2 km ahead
  • vehicles up to 4.5 km ahead.


RSS-2-300S Doppler Security Radar

Security Radar system

RSS-2-300S Doppler Security Radar

  • Up to 400m Person detection range and Up to 800 M Vehicle detection Range

  •  No False Alarmstitle-tr

  • Ideal for warehouse protection, commercial perimeter security, anti-poaching protectiontitle-rad

  • Optional Wireless Connectivity



  • Detects all moving objects in range
  • Estimates the object distance
  • Operates in K-band (24.125 GHz or 24.200 GHz)
  • Pedestrian detection range up to 400 m (1300 ft)
  • Vehicle detection range up to 800 m (2600 ft)
  • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C
    (-40 °F to +185 °F)
  • Advanced signal processing algorithm reduces false alarms in all weather conditions
  • Low power consumption (< 1,35 W, typically 1 W)
  • 9 to 22 VDC input voltage range
  • IP66 aluminum casing
  • RS-232, RS-485 and CAN communication interface support
  • 2 x open collector alarm outputs
  • Optional GPRS or ZigBee module for live wireless monitoring
  • Ideal for warehouse protection, commercial perimeter security, anti-poaching protection